A Gentle System Of Movements That Can Be Done At Home

Rhythmic Movement Training utilizes the movements babies naturally make as their neurological systems mature, enabling them to roll over, crawl, and eventually stand and walk. A baby’s first movements are automatic movement patterns called reflexes, which are useful when the neurological-motor system isn’t yet developed enough for the baby to make conscious movements. As the baby learns to move on its own, these reflexive movement patterns should fade into the background (“integrate’), but reactivate in times of crisis. When these reflex patterns don’t integrate, children can have trouble sitting still, paying attention, staying dry at night, or have other challenges.

The Rhythmic Movements are gentle rocking movements that stimulate the brain and body and help the neurological system mature and integrate any retained reflex patterns. The movements are taught to the parents and child so that they can be done regularly at home, for about 10-15 minutes a day. If the movements are done daily over a few months, parents have reported improvements in focus, attention, and behavior.