Purposeful Movement Evolved Because Of A Personal Passion

In 1998, Katy Held began a quest to help her son with hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a stroke around birth. This led her to switch from a sales career to studying the brain and developmental movements, which can help people of all ages re-set their nervous system to lower anxiety levels and improve performance. After over 2400 hours of coursework (and counting!), she is still delighted to make new discoveries to share with clients and students.

From helping adults with test anxiety pass their exams with ease, to seeing impulsive children slow down and think before they act, to observing people with anxiety look wide-eyed and say, “I feel calmer” after just a few simple movements, Katy is always thrilled to witness seemingly simple movements have a profound effect on people’s challenges.

Katy is a licensed Brain Gym and a sanctioned Bal-A-Vis-X trainer/practitioner, and a Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) Core in Training. She uses these and other methods in private sessions for babies through adults, professional development sessions, and classes for seniors.

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