Purposeful Movement Has Years Of Experience Using Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a system of quick and enjoyable movements that reduce stress naturally and quickly enhance brain function. It is suitable for everyone, from babies to seniors. This wonderful program has been around for 30 years, and it’s estimated to be used by well over 10,000 schools in 88 countries around the world. It enhances rather than replaces programs already in place; requires no special space or equipment, so it is very budget-friendly, and reduces stress levels in school staff as well as students.

Although Brain Gym can be used in classrooms, the program is also useful in private sessions, called “balances.” Private sessions are helpful for moving through learning challenges, or any other kind of block that people might be experiencing. A balance involves setting a goal, doing a pre-activity to notice where any blocks might be, choosing Brain Gym or other movements, then repeating the pre-activity to notice any new shifts. Brain Gym movements are often recommended as follow-up activities to anchor the learning experience. Samples of balance goals include: test anxiety, public speaking, writing, performance anxiety in sports, music, etc.

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